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Smile for the camera…

The BBC website reports on the increasing trend for cyclists to wear headcams just in case they get into bother with their four-wheeled friends on the road. Interesting bit of footage on the video which will look all too familiar to many of us road tax dodgers…



DIY Solar Water Heater

Just read this article about Jose Alano who built a solar water heater from recycled plastic bottles and other reclaimed materials. A not-for-profit project, this simple idea has helped many communities to save money and re-use waste materials.

More dog on a bike stuff…

Once again it’s Burt, the wire-haired dachshund from Brighton taking the lead on sustainable transport. And once again he’s on an xtracycle riding down the seafront. This one’s a bit longer than the one below and it’s in black and white, but hope you like it anyway…


Recycling bikes…

A nice piece here on recycling bikes and the various creative outlets for people with a bit of vision and determination. I particularly liked the horse (above), but whether you’re looking to build a fence, make a clock, a chandalier or a belt for your pants, it’s all here>>


Bullitt Cargo Bike

We bought the Bullitt TNT earlier this year and have used it regularly on our rounds. A real eye-catcher, this machine is also excellent to ride. Here’s a bit of footage of Tim, one of our riders, moving at a leisurely pace in Brighton. Full review of the bike to follow at some point soon….


Smugness NOT Smogness>>

I’ve put together a bit of an introduction to car free living in the UK. I did it originally for the Lewes Road For Clean Air Campaign in Brighton, but thought I may as well upload it for general consumption. Like it says in the document, it’s not meant to be definitive, but will hopefully point you in the right direction if you’re looking  for your travel to be powered by no more than your own sense of self-righteousness. Open>> Moving to the Lightside (pdf)


Probably the coolest dog in Brighton…

Here’s Burt taking a ride down the sea front on an xtracycle.

Have a look here if you fancy seeing more quirky bike type videos.