Bike videos

Various pedal powered videos I’ve come across on the web…

Burt the dog on the Xtracycle>>

Madsen Cargo Bike>>

Now in the UK and available from Practical Cycles, the Madsen is another in the increasing portfolio of workbikes coming into our towns and cities.

Pedal Pub>>

Here’s something I’ve just found on my random travels round cyberspace; a pedal powered pub. How does the law stand on drunk pedalling?

Pedal Powered Narrowboat>>

Now, this I really like. One of these days I’m going to live on a narrowboat and this is how I’m going to move it. Fantastic….

World Naked Bike Ride – Brighton 2009>>

Home town heroics from the dedicated few on pushbikes, featured on the World Naked Bike Ride in Brighton…

Google getting with it>>

Here’s a snappy little video of the Google trike out and about plotting routes for their mapping.

German eco film>>

Don’t normally go for stuff with a message, but this is just good.


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