DIY Touring Racks and Panniers

This is probably just going to be a random collection of stuff I come across on the web that sounds interesting – pretty much like a lot of the site…Image of hardcore rack from

Anyway, first up are a pair home made racks from Paul Woloshansky. Necessity being the mother of invention and fed up with broken racks, he decided to design his own (no welding required). You can see/read about what he came up with here. While he was at it, he decided to knock together some mudguards and panniers, all of which look pretty impressive/robust. I like this diy approach and it makes me think of how dependent I am on what the guy at the shop counter is offering me.

Ken Kifer also shares his design for homemade panniers here>>


One response to “DIY Touring Racks and Panniers

  • Paul Woloshansky

    I’ve made several more lighter versions of my racks using 3/4″ rather than 1″ bar stock (25% lighter and commonly available in 1-metre pieces from Home Depot in North America-about $13CAD), as well as one-off front lowrider racks for assorted tourists (one with detachable folding Wald baskets).

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