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Birmingham: Cycle 4u

Brighton: Recharge Cargo

Cambridge: Outspoken

Coventry: Yellow Jersey

Darlington and Luton: Green Link North East

Edinburgh: Rapid cycle couriers

Hereford: Hereford Pedicabs

Leeds: Go Getter Despatch

London: Pedals Delivery

Manchester: Wagl

Nottingham: Pedal Express

Plymouth: City Cycle Couriers



Museum of Trademen’s Workbikes – The history of workbikes in UK and around the world.

Bike Trailer Blog – the title says it all really – all things bicycle and trailer.

Utility Cycling – Another American offering with good stuff on cargo bikes.


Treehugger – interesting coverage on a whole range of longtail cargo bikes here


Moving Target

Urban Velo



Visas for tourists – visa costs for Egypt, Syria, Jordan and others. Not sure how current this is.

Help Exchange – Puts people in touch with each other, work in a foreign country in return for food and accommodation.

Anywork Anywhere – jobs abroad, sometimes paid, sometimes not.

Warm Showers – hospitality site pairing up cycle tourists and hosts the world over.



Trento Bike Pages – links to a huge array of tours from all over the world. Well worth a visit.

Crazy Guy On A Bike – equally huge array of tours from all over the world. This site, however, gives cyclists the space to write up their reports on the site itself.

Cycle Tours happening now:

Bicycling around the world – very well laid out site with some great images from tours in India, Nepal and Indonesia, amongst others.

The Big Africa Cycle – Started July 2009, this is Peter Gostelow’s latest tour from England to Cape Town. Well written site, good peripheral links and nice images.

Cycling Gypsies – touring Europe with two dogs, two Surlys and one trailer. Plus additional info/bike related themes. Good site.

Cycling To The Ashes – 25000 km on a bike with a cricket bat. Regular updates from the road.

Down The Road – travelling since 2002, the Travis’ have written two books and developed a big website.

Heinz Stucke – “Facts & figures as of May, 2006 – 66 years old, 545,000 km cycled, 193 Countries seen, 63 Territories, Regions or Associated States, etc. visited, 44 years on the road” (Bike China). The facts speak for themselves, really.

Herve Pura Vida – On the road for the past 5 years, covering parts of Europe, plus Africa and South America. Includes adapting his bike to pedal down the Amazon. Interesting site.

Revolution Cycle – Round the world cycle tour by 3 guys from Ireland. Some really nice video footage.

Tri 4 Africa – A triathlon from Cirencester to Cape Town in aid of Re-Cycle, the charity which sends old bikes from the UK to Africa.


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