Bike Businesses

I’ve just had a call from somebody looking for a cycle courier job. It happens a lot, admittedly mainly in the summer months. Unfortunately we’re a small business and rarely have any opportunity to take on new riders.

However, since it’s raining outside and I’ve got a bit of time on my hands, I thought I’d have a wander round the web and see how small businesses on bikes are getting on and the type of things they’re doing to keep busy.

Cargo bikes are nothing new, they’ve been around almost as long as the bicycle itself. (pic via NoTech Magazine)

Of course, these days we’ve got fancy lightweight materials, flash gearing and, for the very lazy rider we’ve even got electric assist. So there’s really no excuse. If you want a new job, ‘get on yer bike…’ (as Mr Tebbitt pointed out many years ago, just before he climbed into his chauffeur driven limousine). Have a look at these options….

1. Pizza delivery? I did this in a van years ago and it was crap. However, riding a Bullitt like the modified Clockwork below would have made it a lot more pleasant. Give Pizza A Chance in Portland Oregon, USA are the team behind this little innovati0n. Cheesy(!) name, but I like it.

2. Cycle mechanic perhaps? The Bikeman in Copenhagen is also using a Bullitt with a very sturdy (and heavy) looking box for his mobile cycle repair business.

3. What’s about horticulture? If so, take a leaf(!) out of  Ian’s book. His Cycling Gardener business uses a cargo trailer attached to his bike, complete with folding lawnmower. Green fingers on green transport. How much greener can you get?

4. What about being a bicycle powered handyman? Another English business worthy of mention is the Cargo Bike Handyman, riding a Yuba Mundo and operating since 2010 in London.

Seems the opportunities to save the planet whilst simultaneously earning a crust are endless. More jobs will be added as I come across them.


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