Pashley Euro Trailer


Steel trailer with a payload of 60kg, dimensions 800 x 600, designed to carry a eurobox. This trailer is also fitted with the Weber hitch. The box you see on the pic was made by a guy we found on ebay.


Strong and reliable, aluminium wheels have sealed cartridge bearings. Wheels are easy to remove for servicing with one screw in bolt through the hub. Being steel in construction, this trailer can be welded and is therefore suitable for a long life on the road. We’ve had ours repaired a few times in the three years we’ve used it and I see no reason why it shouldn’t give many more years of service. The Weber hitch is extremely strong and can be locked onto the bike. The trailer is sold as a flatbed, but the box pictured below is available as an optional extra, or you can build your own, or better still, get someone else to build one for you.


Any bike trailer still in regular operation after 3 years of daily use has to be good, so there’s not a lot to say about these that’s negative. However…, we do happen to know a good welder, so it’s as much down to him as Pashley that this trailer is still with us. The area around the end of the arm where it meets with the trailer body weakens with persistent use and we’ve had this welded twice. We’ve also had a wheel retaining bolt snap once – we change these every 6 months now. You can buy them at any good hardware shop.

And finally, that Weber hitch that I described as being very strong does have a weak point. The links in the hitch are covered with a rubber protector which cushions the movement of the hitch as you pull the trailer. This inevitably wears with time and when it goes, the trailer becomes jerkier and less of a pleasure to pull. Hard to say how long before this happens, but I reckon they’re good for about a year of daily use (about 10 miles per day), but weight and terrain may also affect longevity.

On the subject of the hitch, also check the retaining bolt for the hitch on a regular basis. This is the one you can see through the wheel from the chain side with the locknut on.  Ours came loose and we parted company with the trailer. Now we always put threadlock on this bolt for obvious reasons.


We’ve recently bought a second Pashley Euro, so that must say something about their quality. Or does it? The big pro to these trailers is that they’re easily welded, so this makes them a good longer term investment and this influenced our decision. That said, Pashley chose steel in the first place and in my opinion that was a good choice. The Euro is a well thought out and sensible workhorse which is easy to maintain. The wheels are strong enough to cope with most things, but if you take a load up and down kerbs, they won’t last, but then you wouldn’t expect them to. The Weber hitch is also very good, but longevity is an issue, as discussed above. But overall, this is a trailer that we take out every day without big anxiety issues and it has rarely let us down, so overall, it has to get a thumbs up from me.


UK Suppliers:

Bikes and Trailers

or direct from Pashley – they’re often built to order, so turnaround time may be around 4 weeks.


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