Bike Buddy bottle carrier


The Bike Buddy has been around since 1986. Essentially a dressed up bottle cage, the Bike Buddy is designed to carry bottles that normal cages just can’t accommodate, such as my MSR fuel bottle (above).

Made of stainless steel, it’s available in three types – two of which are designed to fit into bottle cage bosses and one for those frames without bosses. The diameter (with “200” series springs) is up to 6 inches, so capable of carrying more than just bottles.


I’ve owned the quick release (MK 3) version for about 4 years. It ranks up there with my Thermarest as one of the best touring investments I’ve made. There were a few teething problems with fittings – the bolts that retain the springs on the Bike Buddy frame came loose within a mile of fitting them. I re-tightened them with a bit of threadlock to assist and they’ve never budged since. I’ve also used the Bike Buddy off-road occasionally and  only once has the bottle I was carrying come off the bike on a particularly bumpy downhill. Have to say though, I think this is primarily a tarmac/smooth trail touring accessory.

In conclusion:

This is one of those rare items which I can see never breaking. It’s been on every tour I’ve done in the past four years and is now permanently fitted onto my Xtracycle where it gets regular use. A brilliant invention and, like I said earlier, I don’t know why every bike shop in the UK isn’t stocking them. As you’ve probably guessed, I quite like it.


Telephone: 01992 715003


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